Frequently Asked Questions

Where are events held?

Food and art business networking in Townsville

We primarily hold events in Canberra, but have held business networking events, art exhibition openings, small business trade expos and store openings in others areas such as Brisbane and Townsville as well. Contact us if you’d like to discuss your upcoming event and how we can help. 

What industries do you specialise in?


We have successfully run events and marketing support in the food, arts, innovation and academic sectors. Lauren (head events guru) has a science degree in geography and environmental planning, with post-grad studies in entrepreneurship, innovation, urban planning, regional development and economics, with industry contacts across a vast array of industries, helping to better understand your business and opportunities.

What are your fees?


We offer a range of fee options - from monthly memberships to attend or be promoted at our industry events, sponsorship opportunities, or fee-for-service packages to organise events for you. Please contact us for details.